Same day shipping
Terms & Conditions

Orders with items from the 'same day shipping' category (and only from the category) will be dispatched on the day orders have been made. Same day shipping will not apply to orders that include items that are not specified as a 'same day shipping' item. Parcels will usually take one or two working days to be delivered, depending on the distance between our office, and the delivery destination.

Orders made after 1:30pm, will take one additional working day for delivery. We only have about a hundred items listed so far, but we are planning to expand this number every week. Besides, slow and steady always wins the race! Please feel free to let us know which item you want us to add to the list!

Please note that there is no guarantee that the parcel will arrive within the next couple of days, as some parcels may be slightly delayed, due to exterior factors that are out of our hands, such as road-infrastructure closure, and adverse weather conditions.