Mask layering doesn’t sound so pretty but it is actually one of the most exciting skincare routines. Just like the name implies, it means using your beauty masks one by one, in layers. It’s also not a new concept and many women have admitted that they hardly use just one face mask at a go.

For those relaxed days where you just want to sit back and give your skin a treat, mask layering can be a good way to load up on lost skincare benefits. This is also super helpful if your daily skincare routine includes just the basics.

Different masks come with different benefits and they are perfect for giving you a skin deep treatment. However, you can’t use your masks in just any order. You have to arrange them so they don’t interfere with each other’s benefits. In your masking routine, you should always use the exfoliating or purifying mask first. Once your skin has gotten its deep cleanse, you can move on to the hydrating and rejuvenating masks.

To start, use a mild cleanser to wash your face then pat dry. The first mask you use should be a purifying one that will give your skin a deep cleanse. A good option is the [SKINFOOD] BALSAMIC OIL PEELING MASK. It’s a peel-off mask that helps to remove pore clogging particles like oil and dirt. It also takes off dead skin cells and will leave you with smooth, healthy skin. It contains wine vinegar which was sourced from Italy because of its high Vitamin E and polyphenols content. It’s also very easy to use.

To use this mask, apply an even coat all over your face, avoiding the sensitive skin around your eyes. Leave it till it is completely dry all over, then peel it off starting from your chin area.

Once you’ve peeled the mask off, rinse your face with warm water and pat it dry. The next mask you will be using should be a hydrating mask, preferably one that comes with extra benefits like anti-aging, sun damage corrector, brightening, etc. An affordable way to get all the benefits for a good price is getting the [TONYMOLY] I'M REAL MASK SHEET 11 KINDS SHEET MASK SET. It’s a sheet mask set that comes with 11 different sheet masks with different benefits. They include brightening, soothing, glowing, moisturizing, firming, pore care, cleaning, vitality, transparent skin, nourishment, and vitality. You can use whichever one you want, depending on what you want out of your mask layering session.

To use, take the mask out of its pack and smoothen it all over your face. Leave on for 12-15 minutes, take it off and massage the remaining serum into your skin.