The Korean trend is something we are all familiar with. From songs like “Gangnam Style” to series like “My Love from Another Star”, most of us can’t help being drawn to their style. 

On Korean dramas, beauty is one of the highly advertised factors. An example of this is the very popular Korean drama, “My Love from Another Star”. It features beauty products and beauty essentials so much that a viewer would consider it as part of their way of life. The actors and actresses focused so much on their skincare that after a while, it seemed like the normal thing to do.

Tracey E. Robey, who is an avid blogger on Korean skincare, revealed that she only started using Korean products because she was a fan of k-pop. Her favourite boy band members had flawless skin and constantly endorsed Korean skincare products, so she decided to give it a try.

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Of course, the rave can’t be for nothing. Korean skincare products are formulated with very effective ingredients which are foreign to us, or were considered foreign a few years ago. For example, snail extract is a major ingredient in some K-beauty products. It is supposed to stimulate formation of collagen and elastin. For a woman who wants to start an anti-aging skincare routine, products like these would be priceless to her. Other unusual ingredients that have been introduced to us by the Korean wave include seaweed, donkey milk, cheese, sherbet, bee venom and tomato. There are quite a few more but judging from the response of the international market, these products are exactly what men and women have been waiting for.

A major success was the introduction of the BB cream and the cushion pact, or BB cushions as many choose to call them. BB means ‘Blemish Balms’ or ‘Blemish Base’. This product became so widely used that international brands had to start producing their lines of them, to prevent losing customers.

The K-beauty wave has definitely opened our eyes to a lot of new things and we have been benefiting from them. The K-beauty market is not just restricted to the US anymore. Many countries are already seeing huge imports of the products and many South Koreans who live in foreign countries have made this their major trade.