The K-pop beauty trends are ever evolving, and the stars are always ahead of the trends, perfecting the makeup looks before we even know there is something new. It’s hard to believe we’ve moved from the black eyeliner era, but the trend replacing it will make you look magical, using bright, illuminated skin and soft pink and corals.

The popular girl group, Red Velvet, wear this look to perfection and their recent music video, Ice Cream Cake, really made us feel like we could taste the sugar through our screens. They all looked cotton candy sweet to perfection. Luckily for us, we’ve been able to get the inside scoop to the products they use to maintain their great skin, and create the sweet looks.

Want to create your own sweet, flawless look? This is what you need!



These creams deliver moisture and essential nutrients to your skin. They are usually formulated with different types of milk and their benefits are endless. A good milk cream for any skin type is the [TONYMOLY] NATURALTH GOAT MILK PREMIUM CREAM It is formulated from goat milk which helps to protect the skin from free radicals and keep it soft and youthful.



The Red Velvet makeup artist revealed that the secret to their dewy, glowy finish is using a hydrating primer as a base. [THEFACESHOP] FACE IT VELVET SKIN PRIMER is a good option as it gives the skin a dewy, velvety look and feel. It doesn’t just make your skin look hydrated, it keeps it hydrated while working to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores.



To create the popping color effects on their eyes, the makeup artist for Red Velvet uses an array of eyeshadow colors, usually in pressed form. To get an array of beautiful colors you can use, check out the [THEFACESHOP] FACE IT LESSON eyeshadow set.



We are used to the gold, and white gold highlighters, but according to Red Velvet, colors work better. To highlight, they use a compact highlighter that comes mixed with several colors, very similar to the [ETUDE HOUSE] SECRET BEAM HIGHLIGHTER. A mix of those colors swept over your cheekbone with a fan brush will give you the sweet glow you need.



Moisture is very important for a dewy, healthy glow and these girls get enough of it. To get a load of yours, we recommend going with the [LANEIGE] WATER BANK MINERAL SKIN MIST. It can be sprayed both on a bare face and over your makeup.


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