Getting ready for the dreaded Monday? Feeling tired from adulting all week? Getting ready for a night out with your girls? There’s a face mask to help you through it all!

If you’ve ever wondered if there was anything out there that could help you through your stressful day or just give you that extra oomph you need most of the time, well, you’ve found it. We’ve put together a list of face masks that are designed to help you through every day of the week. Yes, every day. As far as we’re concerned, a face mask a day makes everything okay. Except your skin, your skin will be glowing, youthful and very plump without any stress signs. Here they are:

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Monday is the start of the week, and all the responsibilities that follow. You need to get ready for it, and also get your skin ready. We recommend you use the Skin Food- Rice Mask Wash Off. It’s a wash off mask that contains rice extracts, its texture feels like ground rice. It is intensely moisturizing and will give your skin a brighter look.

Keep your skin glowing by going in with a good hydrating mask on Tuesday. Use the Skin Food- Everyday Orange Facial Mask Sheet. It will keep your skin hydrated and keep up the brightness of your skin.

It’s the middle of the week and you have two more days of work to go! Give your skin some extra special care by using the SNP- Charcoal Mineral Black Ampoule Mask. It firms your skin up and works to control excess oil production. This will leave you with smooth, clear skin. It also gives your skin a dose of its ampoule which is like a power punch of hydration and skin nutrients.

Feed your skin with the skin nutrients you can get from yoghurt by using the Skin Food- Everyday Yogurt Facial Mask Sheet. It rejuvenates your skin and helps get rid of stress signs. It also leaves your skin feeling very soft and plump to the touch.

Get ready for the weekend using the SNP- Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Mask. This ampoule mask helps rejuvenate your skin instantly. It is loaded with moisture benefits and helps return vitality to tired looking skin. It gives your skin a moisture protection shield while helping to treat any skin issues you may be having. It also brightens your skin.

Give your skin some cleansing and tightening care with the Skin Food- Egg White Pore Mask. It is enriched with albumin which helps to promote firmer and tighter pores. This cleansing mask contains egg white extracts that can penetrate deep into the pores to dislodge and remove particles that could be clogging them up and causing skin issues. It’s a good way to take off the stress of the week and indulge in good skincare.

Give your anti-aging skincare a boost while you get ready for a new week. We recommend the Skin Food- Gold Caviar Collagen Mask Sheet. It is enriched with skin nutrients from Russian caviar extracts, pure gold particles, and collagen extracts that work to fill any loose skin. Using this mask will help you get tighter, plumper skin and reduce the appearance of aging signs. It also gives your skin a smooth, healthy look.