If your mornings usually feature you trying to get everything in your purse and rushing out of the house shoes in hands, then you know a step by step skincare or makeup routine is a lot of work. Use these tips to shorten the amount of time you spend in front of the mirror with awesome results.


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1. Have a signature makeup look: doing the same look over and over will get faster because you know exactly what you need and how to do it. Creating a new look makes you consider what colors and brushes to use, wasting your time.

2. Keep all your daily beauty products within reach: don’t keep the brushes you use every day in your brush bag. Set out your daily makeup tool so you can easily grab them and return them after use. You can keep your daily skincare and makeup products in a separate cupboard or a small makeup bag and your brushes in a jar, upside down.

3. Find your tinted moisturizer: using a tinted moisturizer would compress moisturizing, spf application and foundation use into one step. Look for your perfect shade and one that works well with your skin type.

4. Exfoliate regularly: exfoliating would help you avoid sin issues that keep you in front of the mirror picking away at your face. Exfoliating takes off dead skin cells, unclogs pores and just generally helps your skin breath. It brings an instant glow to your skin. Make sure to use a rich moisturizer after exfoliating to restore lost moisture and seal your pores.

 5. Keep your brows in perfect shape: learn how to find your brow shape and fill them in perfectly. Your brows frame your face and make a huge difference in your look.

 6. Learn at least two hairstyles: you should know a hairstyle you can work with when your hair still has its post salon glow and one you can work with when it’s in its worst shape. You can learn how to do a French twist, braids or any style to help hold your hair up and keep it looking classy.

 7. Learn how to blow dry your hair: this will make all the difference and up your look. Not sure how to blow dry? You could always ask your stylist to teach you the steps or fill yourself with wisdom from YouTube tutorials.


Building a routine might seem stressful but after a while, it becomes a part of your morning. Want to keep your co workers wondering how you never lose your glow? Just apply the tips above!