Korean beauty products are the rave now, and there’s a good reason for that. The influx of K-beauty has become a marvel to watch and so many women, not just in the US, but all over the world are rapidly making a transfer from their traditional brands to Korean cosmetics.

The fascination with the cosmetics lines comes from the age old tradition of Korean women regarding their skincare routines. We have hard evidence, given that they are able to keep their skin ageless, that their routines and traditional methods work.

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Although, following the Korean beauty process can be time consuming sometimes, most of us are already adapting to it, and can’t afford to miss a step in our routines.

The skincare routines could involve a 10-13 step regimen. Alicia Yoon, who is the founder of Peach and Lily, tells us that the term “10 step skincare routine” is not a real thing. According to her, from a Korean person’s perspective, it could be seen as funny because Korean women do not consider the number of steps they go through to complete their beauty regimen. Their routines are usually aimed at getting flawless, beautiful skin as it is a sure sign in Korea of healthy living. Most of the products included in these regimens are products we are already familiar with, but from a more traditional approach.

 The beauty of Korean skincare is that they are not believers of the one-size-fits-all rule. The products come individually for individual purposes. The aim of this is to target skin problems and treat them specifically. For example, a woman battling oily skin and a woman battling dry, tight skin will have different products infused in their skincare regimen. They might have some similar products which are necessary for all women (like sunscreen) but the products they use will be specifically aimed at targeting their individual concerns. This is the reason why the beauty regimen contains so many steps. Each product is used to target a specific issue. A basic Korean skincare routine would include these products: a cleanser (some people even prefer to double cleanse), a toner, exfoliating scrub or leave-on exfoliant, essence, sheet mask, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, and very essential, sunscreen. 


Sunscreen is a very vital part of a day skincare routine. It is common knowledge that sun is the number one aging factor. Centuries ago, the Korean noble class women never went out in the sun. The result of that is that they had porcelain like skin that was very healthy. It is amazing that they had these awesome beauty secrets tucked away for centuries, even before we started to learn of them.

K-beauty is something to enjoy they are focused on feeding the skin just what it needs. Everyone should tap into this trend, there is no downside to it as far as your skin is concerned.