It might seem like a ridiculous notion, comparing a bottle of sun protection to an intense 10 step routine, but we have to consider the factors involved first. Skin issues usually generate from some factors- hormones, genetics but most importantly, sun effects. This is more important because studies show that 80% of skin aging signs are as a result of sun damage. The worst part is, sun damage happens every day, irrespective of climate or clothing.

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The sun emits three types of rays but only two get to the earth, they are the UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are responsible for skin aging while UVB rays are responsible for skin burning. These rays can pass through many things- the clouds, your windows and even clothing. The only way to protect yourself from their effect is to stay in a totally dark room, or load up on sunscreen. Except you’re a vampire and don’t have to work for your rent, your only option is B. What this means is that you can go through all your skincare steps twice a day but if you don’t target the basic problem, you’ll keep on battling this skin issue.

Apart from aging, the sun is also responsible for other severe skin problems like hyper pigmentation and age spots. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars looking for the right jar of cream that would do the magic for you, an easy way is to just protect yourself by using sunscreen religiously. Many skin issues will be avoided if that one step is taken seriously.

If you are getting to an age where you skincare routine is focused on skin aging, you should hold the saying “prevention is better than cure” close to your heart. This is one of the best skincare tips an Asian woman would ever give you, and they are known for their porcelain, never aging skin. They go to great length to protect their skin from direct contact with the sun. Added to their regular application of sunscreen, they stay out of the sun totally or carry clothing and accessories made out of special UV protecting garments like gloves and umbrellas.

UVA rays cause slow but serious damage, speeding the onset of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and hands (usually the parts that are always exposed). Although we can’t argue the importance of a skincare routine (there are many things involved especially the cleansing process which I would never miss for anything) it is important to always remember that most skin issues can be avoided if we protect our skin from the sun.

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