Individuality is something we all possess, but we keep trying to categorize ourselves with other women we think are “the same” with us. Those qualities are usually things we can see- dressing, how we apply makeup, the kind of makeup we apply, how classy our shoes are, etc.

Whether we’ve noticed it or not, most of us have adopted a 'signature look'. That is the look you’ll be wearing at least 5 out of 7 days. You could call it your comfort zone when it comes to makeup. Consider your everyday makeup look and the list below. Not saying that the descriptions below are 100% accurate, but they are usually the general perception.

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Bold red lips
A woman who wear bold red lip colors wants to exude self confidence, control and sexiness. For me, this is accurate. I’m usually a lip balm (or at most, nude lips) kind of girl but when I want to go for an interview or any meeting where I would be a major focus, I reach for my red lipstick. It gives me a feeling of self confidence and I think it also makes me look ready for business, so I would grab respectful attention.

Natural look
It usually means you’re very comfortable with your features and know how to make them work for you. You also don’t have much to cover up and correct, but it could also mean that you don’t care if people notice the imperfections on your face. It could also mean you’re a minimalist, and apply those principles to your makeup, consciously or not.

Smokey Eyes
You have a dramatic flair and give off the air of confidence and belief in your sex appeal. You’re not all about being subtle, and have no problem with correcting anyone who tries to comment on that.

The just-mascara look
You’re not really interested in makeup. Your mascara wand was most likely a gift from a friend who wanted you to give makeup a try and you picked it up from there. You’re comfortable with showing your bare skin to the world. This usually means you’re very laid back or very invested in something, like your work.

The perfectly manicured nails
If you always have your manicure in tip top shape, that gives off a sense of being completely put together. It can even be intimidating to women who notice, considering how much effort it takes to keep your nails in perfect condition. It could also mean that you hardly do any work like house hold chores.

Do you agree with these points? What do you think your makeup says about you?