For a beautiful face, a healthy skin is a must. What wouldn’t you give to have that flawless skin you always dreamed of? Just like an inviting dish without taste is bland, makeup on an unhealthy skin just wouldn’t bring out that beauty. Many women employ a truckload of products to try and get it, however, the secret does not lie in the number of products, rather, it lies in their rightful application at the right time.

A great way to promote healthy skin is by morning skin care routines, but here again, due to the many kinds of routines circulating around the online media, nobody is sure of what to do! Instead of moving towards a better skin, you might even land yourself in deep trouble. So, for your especial benefit here we have gathered all the important Do’s and Don’ts that can shape your morning routine into a beauty enhancing miracle.

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The Do’s

Do apply sunscreen
The one thing that you should never, under any circumstances forget is the sunscreen. Your face is going to be exposed to the damaging, brutal rays of the sun throughout the day. Your only chance of protection lies in those few minutes that you dedicate to your skin routine in the morning. A sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more forms an essential part of the morning routine, missing it in that viral time is like calling out to the damage yourself. All those cell toxins, those wrinkles and fine lines and that baggy lifeless skin can be avoided by the simple application of a sunscreen, so, why not save yourself from those horrible effects of aging when you can?

Do use minimum amount of lightweight products
This is because your skin is a natural oil secretor and in the daytime, these oil secretions are super active, which means that your skin is bound to get really oily during the day. Now, if you end up putting thick products on your face in the early morning, chances are, as the day goes by the oily nature of the cream along with your own oil secretions will end up clogging your skin. This will ultimately increase the likelihood of having pimples and acne. Hence, an inappropriate product meant for betterment would land you and your skin in a fiasco.

Do always cleanse your skin
There is a misconception going around which seems to encourage a morning routine without a cleanser. Nothing could be further from the truth. These rumors are no more than hurdles between you and that flawless skin. Just think, how can a routine commence without a cleansing? The immense amount of debris and germs that your skin accumulates during the night needs to be removed not to mention the layer of oil, and to this cleansing is an absolute necessity. Hence, instead of believing flying tales, focus on a strong morning routine and cleanse your skin thoroughly, every day.

The Dont's

Don’t use vitamin A products
Products containing vitamin A are great for repair and regeneration of your damaged skin, but they are more of a night skin care routine product, where you prepare your skin for a night of healing. However, in the day time, vitamin A acts to make the skin layers more sensitive to the damaging rays of the sun, which is why it isn’t such a good option to choose for your morning routine. We definitely recommend skipping these products to go for some hydrating and protective ones instead.

Don’t overcrowd your day routine
Many women think applying 5 products instead of 3 will be more effective. Considering the limited time in the morning, constructing an unrealistic routine will only make you dread it more. A good way is to make it as simple as possible so that you are done with it in a jiffy. Skin protection can be a hassle every day, but with less time consumption, you are more likely to do it every day.

Don’t go and buy just any products
Your skin is your treasure; you need to treat it like one to avail its benefits. A common mistake that females make is buying any product that is advertised without proper research. A better approach is to look into the ingredient list, search out the effectivity and the suitability for different skin types before putting it on your face. This will help exclude any products that aren’t great for your skin. You can also follow your beauty gurus or idolized celebrities to find out about their skin care routine. Maybe following these will get you your dream skin.

All in all, morning skin care routines are a necessary part of preparing for the day. It is like prepping your skin for battle. However, some frequent mistakes can be avoided by following the above Do’s and Don’ts. Yes, skin care can be a bother at times, but ultimately, it helps your skin by a major factor. Hence, the incorporation of these routines in your life is a must. Who knows, you might be surprised by the effects yourself!