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In an article by Vogue beauty writer, Monica Kim, we were taken backstage to the prep areas where 5 gorgeous Korean models were being prepared to go on the runway for one of the Seoul Fashion Week’s Fall 2016 shows. Their near flawless complexion and skin condition was what drew the most attention, as the makeup artists didn’t even have to do much on them. Luckily, each of them was generous enough to share one of their most trusted beauty tips with us.

Jung Sun Jin

According to her, hydration is everything. When washing her face, she takes half cleansing cream and half moisturizing cream, and mixes them together! It is very hydrating, clears out the pores and if oil cleansers don’t work well with your skin, this is a good alternative for you.

Ho-Yeon Jung

Her secret is to go light on her skin. When she’s not wearing any makeup, she prefers to wash her face with just water. Then carefully, she uses her fingers to pat her moisturizer in. This way, her skin absorbs it better.

Jinkyung Kim

She uses one product we are all familiar with- coconut oil. However, her method is different. She applies it right after her she washes her face and then does a quick massage. After that, she applies her cream and the rest of her skincare products. She has dry skin and this works perfectly for her. 
These are definitely healthy tips and for skin like theirs, I’m willing to try them out.

Gui Eh Park

She’s totally obsessed with masks, and for good reason! According to her, mask packs or sheet masks are the most important beauty secrets in her life. She uses one right before any runway show or shoot she has. She also uses one right before she goes to sleep to improve on cell activity like regeneration that happens only during sleep time. With masks, she has noticed that her skin becomes naturally bright and shiny. She believes this is a very normal routine, Korean girls use one before job interviews and even their weddings with no problem.

Pong Lee

She says she washes her face well, but only touches her lips when she does her makeup. That way they stay soft and healthy.