Sheet masks are daily use beauty bag staples. Thanks to the influx of k-beauty products to the skincare market, we have access to these power packed, facials-in-one-sheet. Sheet masks usually come individually wrapped, both for hygiene purposes, storage and to make it easy to use.

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Sheet masks provide us with dozens of skin benefits, depending on what skin issue each mask was made to target. However, using any good sheet mask will leave you with well hydrated, supple skin. The masks are coated with a serum, which contains all the goodies your skin will feed on. The effect is even more intense as the sheet applies the serum to your skin then stays on it, providing a closed environment for the serum to penetrate your skin and work its magic.

Many makeup artists carry these mini facials around, especially those who work with always-on-the-go models. Using a sheet mask before applying your foundation provides a very good base to start on. Sheet masks will give you well hydrated skin, that your foundation will easily blend into and not stand out like oil and water that can’t mix, and the glow you get from your power packed mini facial will help amp up the glow your foundation gives.

A Simple Guide To Using Sheet Masks
• Wash your face properly, get rid of oils, makeup and other properties that can clog your pores. The serum from the mask needs to absorb into your skin properly and do its job.
• After washing your hands, take out your mask, unfold it and carefully lay it across your face, there should be holes made out for your eyes and mouth, so you know how to apply it on your face.
• Lay back, take selfies, and rest. Your skin is better when you are not stressed out so take a few minutes to meditate or watch a good show.
• After 15-30 minutes (depending on how much time you have) take off the mask and rub the remaining serum on your face into your skin.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the extra serum on your skin, you can wash it off. After this, you can give your skin a few minutes to dry before moving on to your makeup. Your foundation will glide on your skin so easily and you can be sure to get a flawless finish.