Ever watched your friend do her makeup or skincare routine and scream in your head “why is she doing everything upside down?!” Thankfully, there’s an answer to that. Everyone approaches things differently, and because these are beauty routines that we go through daily, everyone has naturally found a way to shape theirs around their personality and general approach to things. For example, there are some people who have to start their makeup with their brows, and some who do everything else before they think of touching their brows.

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The skincare obsessive

You most likely had skin issues growing up, major ones that put you through treatments and products you didn’t like. You’ve grown up knowing all the big skincare words, and knowing the importance of them. You’re always on top of your skin game and you always have a helpful tip handy whenever one of your girls complains about her skin.

 The risk taker

Your Instagram feed is always popping because of how easily you switch between looks and hair. You are like a chameleon, it’s very easy for you to change and settle into a new look. You almost always rock these looks too! You haven’t exactly found your personal style yet, but in the main time, you have no problem experimenting with all the exciting celeb looks that keep popping up daily.

 The basic beauty woman

You keep everything minimal, and it works for you. It could either be because you are not interested in experimenting with beauty products, or you’ve given up on that aspect of self care. Whichever one it is, if your comfort zone is your preferred spot, always try to make the best out of it.

 The carefree beauty lover

You’ve found a nice, balanced spot between loving your skin and being carefree about things related to it. You love wearing makeup, but you won’t mind having to apply it on the bus while going to work, because you wanted to squeeze in another 30 minutes of your favorite TV show.

 The pampered beauty

You love being taken care of, and weekly salon and spa trips are the only kind of beauty care that make sense to you. DIYs are not really your thing and you don’t mind paying the extra that comes with other people taking care of you. Needless to say, your hair and skin are always looking flawless.

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