Don't believe there's a shortcut to flawless skin? You couldn't be any more wrong!

 There's a trend that's been picking up and it's totally been approved by our skincare gurus on Get It Beauty, one of our favorite Korean beauty talk shows. The show is a must-see, hosted weekly on the OnStyle network for all the beauty lovers. Sadly they stopped providing English subtitles back in 2015. This episode was hosted by actress and model Kim Jung Min, actress and former Miss Korea Honey Lee, special guest emcee Luna from Korean pop girl group F(X), and beauty editor Hwang Min Young.

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This trend is called beauty layering. Beauty layering involves two things; it could be your everyday skincare routine, where you have to understand what product comes first or goes after another and which ones you can actually mix for best results.  It could also mean using more than one of the same type of product at once. For example, if you have combination skin, it is possible to use two different types of masks at once. Your T zone (oily/acne prone parts) would generally require something different from the rest of your face.


The reason for product layering is to give you a chance to target multiple skin issues at once, and also focus strongly on stubborn skin issues.


On the show, Luna revealed that dry skin has been her stubborn skin issue. Kim advised layering smart, which is using two sheet masks if dry skin is a problem for you. This is because for people with dry skin, one mask may not be enough to keep their skin balanced especially if they have sensitive skin or go out in the sun a lot. Hwang encouraged her idea, but advised us not to assume that we would be getting twice the moisturization. Multi masking with sheet masks is supposed to be a hydration boost for the skin.


Quick beauty layering tips:

  • Kim likes to multi-mask, she uses a clay mask on her T-zone and a calmer mask on the rest of her face.
  • Honey Lee mixes coconut oil with her beauty balm or lotion, this mix is her go to moisturizer.
  • Luna mixes honey with her face cream because it calms her oily skin
  • Hwang advised us to mix body cream in our body scrubs to make the scrubs easier to spread and make the skin softer for the exfoliation process.


These are some major beauty hacks we've been provided with and personally, I hope Get It beauty starts with English subtitles again. We all need this weekly goodness in our lives!