Habits are not that easy to get rid of once formed, but when you read the implications of these ones, you would definitely want a change. These bad habits ruin your skin, they are mistakes that can affect your skin badly but they can be prevented quite easily.

 Want to learn what they are? Keep scrolling.

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1. Exercising with makeup on:

This is a big no for anybody. Makeup blocks your pores, trapping oil, dirt and the makeup itself in your skin. When you exercise, you sweat and the sweat and oils that build up in your skin need to be let out. However, if you have makeup on, your pores are sealed, which means that the sweat and oils are trapped in your skin. This eventually leads to bacteria build up resulting in acne breakouts. Overtime, these breakouts will also leave blemishes and scars on the skin.


 2. Touching your face often:

This is a habit most people are not even aware they have. Yes, that pesky pimple on your chin has been bothering you, but picking at it all day long wouldn’t help it, instead, that would make everything worse. First off, your hands are filled with bacteria all day long, everyday. When you consider all the places you touch during the day that should come as no surprise. Touching your face is only introducing new bacteria to your skin, infecting other parts of your face and leaving you even more miserable. Also, when that pimple you’ve been worrying finally pops, it’s going to infect the surrounding skin and even more pimples will sprout. Your best option? Leave your face alone.


 3. Leaving your pillows unwashed:

One of the places that build up the most bacteria is your pillow. The major reason for this is your hair. You basically rub your hair into your pillow all night long. If you are a regular female with an average hair care routine, you hair is going to have at least one type of cream or oil in it. Now imagine introducing this oil, with all the natural hair oils produced by your sebum gland onto a surface and then rubbing your face in it every night. Icky right? But that is what happens when you don’t wash your pillowcase. Many people have acne just because of that and they can’t seem to find a solution to their skin issues when it’s right in front of them. My advice? Try to change your pillowcase at least twice a week. If that’s too much and you want to pull a lazy girl move, flip it over in the middle of the week and use the other side the remaining days.


 4. Sleeping with your face on the pillow:

My best sleeping position advice is to sleep face up. Sleeping sideways or on your chest (I really hope you don’t do this) pushes your face into the bedding, pulling on your skin. For some time the only evidence of this you might see is a few sleep lines that fade minutes after you wake up. However, prolonged pressure like this on your skin can lead to slacking and noticeable loosening in the texture of the skin. Try to train yourself to sleep on your back (mummy style). It would be difficult at first but after a while, you’ll get the hang of it.


5. Dumping sun protection during winter:

Protecting your skin from sun damage on the sunny days is not enough. In fact, your skin is just as vulnerable to the harmful UVA and UVB rays during the winter. These harmful rays can reflect off snow and pass through glass into your home. They can penetrate deep into the skin, speeding aging signs and sometimes, acting as a boost for skin cancer.


 6. Using makeup after it has expired:

I think this should go without saying, you have no reason to put expired makeup on your face. It can be hard especially when you shelled out big bucks for that makeup, but toss it once it has expired. The compounds in the product can start to change and become harmful to the skin, causing negative reactions like breakouts or even worse infections.  


Old habits can be hard to break, granted, but on the flip side, consider how much damage you are causing to your skin every time you do one of the things listed above. Hopefully, that should help you make the needed adjustments.