If you work a 9 to 5, that should be no reason to deprive your skin of those extra nurtures that make all the difference. Working in a room that has air conditioning or not-so-good ventilation means that your skin isn’t always able to hold up for the whole 8 hours. With these beauty essentials, you can still look put together even through your hectic day.

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 1. Hand creams: these are a life saver for both your hands and your elbows. If you have dry hands and elbows, these should constantly be within reach. Keep your hands soft through the day, that handshake might be what seals the deal for you.

2. Lip gloss or lip balm: depending on the texture you are most comfortable with, keep one or both of these at your desk to keep your lips moisturized and soft. You can choose tinted ones to give your lips a pop of color.

3. A facial mist: they help keep your skin hydrated through the day and constantly restore your glow. Choose a soothing facial mist that is loaded with other properties to boost skin health. Facial mists usually come in small bottles, they should easily fit in drawers and blend in with the other things on your desk.

4. Dry shampoo: these are for days when your hair looks flat and grimy. Spray the dry shampoo directly at the roots to clean them up and get rid of any hair smell. You can finger comb your hair through the roots to add volume to it, the dry shampoo will help with this.

5. A nail color pen: chips in your polish are the worst and can make you look unprofessional and untidy. With these pens, you can easily give yourself a quick mani and cover up any chips before they get noticed. They dry super fast and you can go straight back to work.

6. Deodorant: if your job involves rushing around all day, you can get a bit sweaty and start to feel self conscious about how that makes you smell. Having a deodorant (whether in spray or roll on form) at hand would be very essential. Just apply it and you’re sure you smell like you just took a shower all over again.

What is that one product you can’t go a day at work without using? Let us know in the comments section!