Ever wondered how some pictures on Instagram look so effortless yet, so bomb? You’ve probably bought all your favorite IG model’s holy grail products which she swear by, and tried using the same type of phone cameras to take your pictures but it never turned out looking the same.

The secret is in the little details they consider that you don’t. Here are 4 makeup tricks that would take your selfie game from 0-100 real quick.  

Go for creams instead of powders

Using powders is an easy way to give your skin a matte finish, the problem is that your skin might show up on the camera as bland or chalky. Try switching to creamy bases instead as they give your skin a healthy base that will prompt a glow even in your pictures.

Wear vivid colour

Bright colors instantly pop on camera, making everything else stand out too. Switch out your all natural look for a pop of color on your eyes or lips. Experiment with colors and find shades that would suit you, red lipstick is a safe but bold enough option to start with.

Glo’ up

When taking selfies, it is important for the light to fall on the right places. Highlight the high points on your face- your cheekbones, tip of your nose, Cupid’s bow and brow bone using your highlighter and a fan brush. This way, when taking pictures, the light will pick up that glow and instantly make you look radiant.

Use mascara or false lashes

The extra fullness in lashes would make even the least flattering eye color stand out. Use mascara to thicken and darken your lashes then add strip lashes to enhance your eyes even more.

Don’t forget that even with these extra steps, it all comes down to your lighting to make it work. The light has to fall on your face at the right angles to bring your features to life. The best position to get good natural light is in front of a window. Stand facing the window, extend your hand out and take the picture from an upward angle. If you are out in the sun, make sure you are not backing the sun so its light falls on your face and not behind you.