Teenage years were the best...no they really were. In the days where Youtube and beauty bloggers and vloggers didn’t exist, makeup was a sort of “just wing it” situation. I would like to say I had a mother who was ready to teach me how to use the stuff correctly, but I didn’t really want her advice, my friends and I were makeup ninjas already. Or so we thought. 

If you can relate to this, I’m sure there are makeup faux pas you’ve also made in your past.

Here are 15 makeup sins to dredge up old memories. My advice, instead of crying when you realize why all those cute boys never wanted you (shocker for me too), laugh at it and share with your friends.

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1. Using foundation that was too light
Buying foundation at the store where you buy groceries doesn’t usually come with an attendant that can give you advice on shades. Hence the reason why we looked more like unfriendly ghosts.

2. Using foundation that was too dark
I think as a dark skin girl this was easier on me. I was looking more like mud-in-the-face than someone-smeared-fanta-jelly-in-your-face.

3. Covering your lips in foundation
Thinking back, this had some sort of appeal. I think this was the birth of nude lips because, yeah. It was all the rage back then.

4. Using clear lip gloss
Every girl had this. You were extra cool if yours had glitter in them. Like whaaa? Finish off your foundation matted lips with a smudge of clear goo.

5. Going for the straight liner every time but always ending up with something else
My liner always turned into a smokey eye look. Every. Single. Time. Of course the smart thing to do was to smudge it all around my lid and then apply another layer, as the liner this time. Good old days.

6. The OTT bronzer
This fell everywhere. Using it literally meant bathing in a shower of gold dust. And that was exactly what we did.

7. The OTT blush
I always knew to apply this lightly, I wasn’t sure where exactly. Somehow I made it work. I hope.

8. The body glitter obsession
It was really awesome that we could afford all these cool make up products, which meant we didn’t use them sparingly.

9. Wearing all the colors of the palette
The bargain was finding an eye shadow palette with the most colors at the cheaper rate. Obviously, we didn’t stop to wonder why a palette with 24 colors would cost less than one with 4 colors. Oh well, we learnt why. Just not early enough.

10. Taming our eyebrows
We tried the works- shaving, plucking, even waxing. Somehow these 100+ something strands survived.

11. Cutting your hair in short layers
I still don’t understand how this was a trend. Having your hair cut into the shortest layers was the best look you could rock.

12. The nails of many colors
Bright, colourful colors were so attractive. Since our manicure was up to us, no one was stopping us from wearing as many colors as we liked. It was also a good way to show off your nail polish color collection.

13. Bright braces
Why go for subtle links when you could have them in your best, brightest color?

14. A wipe only skincare routine
If you were using face wipes at that point, you were living in luxury. A 100 sheet pack of baby wipes was the best bargain and you could use them forever. Slightly red, stingy skin was a small price to pay.

15. Peeling off nail polish
Why spend extra on a remover when you could just peel them right off. By the way, it felt oddly satisfying to peel off a whole coat without breaking it anywhere.